HVAC Planning for Summer

Air Filters, hvac planning
It's time to take care of your HVAC Units

The HVAC system is perhaps the most important part of your commercial building. As much as we want to enjoy the summer weather and relax in the sun, if you don’t prepare and monitor your system closely you, could end up spending extra on your energy bills. 

Air Filters, hvac planning

HVAC Planning #1

Clean & Replace Air filters

For the system to work efficiently, the filters need to be in good condition otherwise it may compromise airflow and make your system work harder. If your building’s activities will create dust and dirt in the air, like manufacturing or production, it’s even more important to check more frequently. It is recommended that you check your filters at least every three months and change them as soon as they are visibly dirty.

clean air ducts, hvac planning

HVAC Planning #2

Clean Ductwork

You would be surprised by the amount of dust that can collect over time in the ducts or airways of your HVAC system, and can grow too filthy to support comfortable air quality. Especially if you have noticed any increases in dusty surfaces, increased allergy symptoms, or respiratory issues you should get them professionally looked at as soon as possible.

checking thermostat, hvac planning

HVAC Planning #3

Consider Smart Technology

Smart HVAC technologies like sensors and programmable thermostats are designed to adjust the system’s cooling and heating features based on the number of occupants in each room. By the sensors being able to gauge when people are coming and adjust to the desired interior temperature and then automatically turn off when there is no longer movement detected, it will help conserve massive amounts of energy!

schedule routine maintenance, hvac planning

HVAC Planning #4

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Your air conditioner should receive routine maintenance at least once a year. Not only will it help ensure that it can cool efficiently, but it will help extend the lifespan of the unit. Also, it will help you avoid any costly repairs in the future! Having a preventive maintenance plan in place for your HVAC system will help lower energy usage, eliminate expensive costs, extend the life of your heating/cooling system and reduce downtime by being better prepared.

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