5 Ways Your Facility & Workforce Can Honor Memorial Day

Memorial Day
Take a moment of silence

This Memorial Day, and every Memorial Day, honoring all men and women who served our country and remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice is important to us. Seasonal holidays like Christmas might be celebrated in the workplace, and you might take some time off around the holiday season. But how do you observe a national holiday like Memorial Day?

As we approach Memorial Day, we wanted to share some ideas for how you and your employees can honor this holiday.

Memorial Day

Take Time To Remember

While Memorial Day is a day to celebrate our country and our families, it began as a day to honor those who served. Some of your employees may be veterans, active-duty personnel, military spouses, or military parents. They may also have relatives under the above criteria. Many of them have served in the Army, Navy, or Air Force. Encourage them to bring in mementos and photos of their relatives and create a display to honor and show support for their troops.

Attend Or Observe A Parade

Find out if there are any Memorial Day parades happening near you or if any are being held online at the state’s official website. Consider allowing employees to observe or attend a Memorial Day parade as a way to show their gratitude for those who have served.

Connect With Your Customers

As well as honoring individuals, Memorial Day brings together communities and their memories. Use social media to share what your family does on Memorial Day. Ask your customers how they plan to celebrate, and what Memorial Day means to them.

Thank A Veteran

While Memorial Day is a day of reflection and remembrance of our fallen soldiers, it is also a great opportunity to thank those soldiers who have previously served or are currently serving. This can be done in several ways:

  • Sending a thank you letter or card
  • Donating to a veteran organization
  • Just simply “thanking them for their service”

Donate A Portion Of Memorial Day Sale Proceeds

If you’re planning to hold special sales for the holidays, consider donating all or part of the proceeds to an organization that helps families of fallen veterans or veterans in general.

There are thousands of organizations aimed at helping veterans and their families, here are just a few:

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