Behind-The-Scenes Biohazard Cleanup We are giving you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our Express Team performing a biohazard cleanup service at a local establishment in Arizona. We were able to maximize our cleaning efforts while keeping costs down due to our thorough cleaning procedure (all while maintaining complete client confidentiality). Below is a glimpse into […]

Things To Know About Black Mold

Things to know about black mold Mold can be found everywhere. As mold grows, it feeds on materials like wood, fabrics, ceiling tiles, upholstery, and carpet, causing them to rot and fall apart. Left unchecked for a long duration of time, mold can even cause enough damage to collapse ceilings and cave in floorboards. Mold […]

Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire Damage Restoration Process According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) every 24 seconds, a fire department in the United States responds to a fire. After the fire department has extinguished the blaze, restoration professionals are tasked with returning the building to it’s pre-loss condition. Every fire damage event is different for every building […]

Water Damage Emergency Tips

Water Damage Emergency Tips! When dealing with water damage, immediate action is vital. Water damage can lead to expensive repairs and potential disruption of your building’s operations. It also creates an environment for mold, mildew, and other dangerous bacteria to grow which impacts the safety of your employees and guests. If the issue isn’t addressed […]

Express Restoration Services – Your Partner in Disaster Response

Express Restoration Services – your partner in disaster response Our goal is to help you plan for the unexpected, develop response solutions and implement preventative loss prevention plans. Express Restoration Services is committed to helping our clients deal with the aftermath of water, fire, smoke, and other disaster-related damage.

Plan Ahead With Express Recovery

Express Restoration understands how critical it is for businesses to resume regular operations after a disaster. Our team will help you customize an emergency preparedness and response plan.  The Express Recovery­™ program includes building assessment and walkthroughs to help you identify risks, create a plan, educate employees, and document safety guidelines.   We ensure that your […]