Signs Of A Rodent Infestation In Commercial Properties

Signs of a rodent infestation
Keep Rodents Out

Signs of a rodent infestation

Any rodent can be a nuisance when they enter your business. If left untreated, the pests can cause significant property damage, spread harmful diseases to people, carry in other pests, and ruin your reputation. To protect your business, it is always best to deal with the problem sooner rather than later. To do this effectively, you need to know the signs of rodents to watch for. This will enable you to hire professional pest control services quickly, making resolving the pest issue easier. 

How To Know You Have A Rodent Infestation

Since they are very good at hiding it can often be difficult to notice their presence. Fortunately, there are some warning signs to help you identify if your property is hosting unwanted guests. Here are some signs of rodents you should never overlook. 

Droppings and Grease Markings

Rodents poop all the time. When the pests enter your building, you may notice small droppings around your walls, in drawers and cabinets, around their nests and the areas they frequent.

Urine or Ammonia Smell

They tend to urinate as they move along. As such, unexpected and strong smells of urine or ammonia from the walls or covered areas may be a sign of an infestation.

Rodent Nesting Materials

Once they invade a property, rodents will construct nests in the structure’s hidden warm and cozy areas. The presence of nesting materials like paper, cardboard, fabric, or dried plant matter may be an indication you have an infestation.

Evidence of Gnawing

To know if the pests have infested your building, look out for signs of destruction. Gnaw marks on your walls, floors, electrical wires, food packaging, and wooden furniture are a sign of rodent presence.

Footprints or Tail-drags

As rodents roam your property, they may leave behind footprints and tail-drags in dust and other powders. 

Strange Noises

If you hear scratching, clawing, or squeaking sounds coming from the walls or attic of your building, there is a chance that rodents have invaded your property.

Ignoring warning signs of an infestation, rodent

Why There May Be Rodents In Your Commerical Property

To get rid of rodents in commercial properties, you first have to understand why and how they got there. Generally, these pests will invade your property in search of food, water and shelter. Below are a few reasons why you may have an infestation: 

  • Poor hygiene and cleanliness: Dirty buildings and cluttered spaces can attract rodents by offering sources of food and places to hide. 
  • Poor waste management: Exposed trash cans that are left outside for long periods of time provide rodents with a steady supply of food. 
  • Food sources: Eating at the desk and leaving food in the office are magnets for pests. 
  • Gaps and cracks: Delayed repairs to your building may lead to gaps and cracks that provide easy access to the property. 

How Express Can Help With Your Rodent Infestation

Absolute Pest is Express Facility Management’s fully integrated customizable program that focuses on exclusion, prevention, and sustainability.

Fully Integrated – Our program focuses on long-term prevention by examining the life cycle of pests and then strategically treating any potential resurgences through biological control and habitat manipulation.

All-Inclusive – Absolute Pest can cover you for any type of pest that may be present at your facility.

Digital Reporting – You will have 24/7 access to an online portal.

Sanitation Included – After we treat your property for infestation, we provide complimentary sanitation to rid the area of any remaining diseases or bacteria that pests leave behind.

Equipment Refresh – When you switch to Absolute Pest you don’t have to worry about upfront equipment fees, we will service any equipment leftover from your previous pest control company and replace it as necessary upon normal wear and tear.

Express Facility Management is here to help get rid of your rodent infestation problems, contact us today to request our pest control services. 

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