How a Clean Workplace Affects Productivity

How a clean personal workplace affects productivity In any work environment, you’ll typically find two types of desks; the ones that are clean, organized, and presentable, or those that are cluttered with files and documents scattered everywhere. When cleaning companies come through to sanitize and give your space a refresh, they can only do so […]

Spring Break Preparation with Express Shield

Spring Break preparation with express shield As schools dismiss their students for Spring Break, there is an emphasis on health and safety protocols to sanitize the space before they return. Well, Express has you covered! Express Shield can provide up to 90 days of protection from Covid-19, Influenza, and more.  Classrooms have always been a […]

4 Things You Must Do For Your Hard Floors

Like it? Click the link below to share… Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest 4 Things You Must Do FOr your Hard floors When entering any commercial building the cleanliness and overall appearance of the flooring is one of the first things you might notice. Dirty and scratched-up floors […]

What is Green Cleaning?

What is green cleaning? Green cleaning is becoming more popular among facilities around the United States. This non-toxic, eco-friendly approach is good for the environment and safer for those who use them. Traditional cleaning products tend to be caustic, they wear out surfaces over time and diminish the longevity of your facility and its furnishings. […]

Commercial Cleaning – Holiday Cleaning Checklist

Holiday Cleaning checklist The 2021 holiday season is finally here! This time of year brings great opportunities for businesses to celebrate their successes and show appreciation to their customers and employees! If you are planning a holiday office party this year, here is a cleaning checklist to get you started! Click here to download the […]

Commercial Cleaning the Express Way

Commercial Cleaning the Express Way Superior, Reliable Service When you use Express Facility Management for your commercial cleaning needs, you don’t just benefit from our superior and reliable cleaning services, you also have the ability to integrate your other facility services with us. That means you have one point of contact with multiple communication channels, consolidated billing, […]

Express Shield – A Revolutionary Surface Protectant

Express Shield – A revolutionary surface protectant Protect your business from germs, viruses, and bacteria for up to 90 days. Learn more about our sanitation and disinfection options.  Contact Us Back to the Blog Facebook Linkedin Youtube Instagram Pinterest

Employees around the country are returning to the office.

They are coming, is your building ready? Return to work safer with Express

We have been waiting for this time since the start of the pandemic, but it seems to finally be here – the return to in-person working. Many businesses are ready to send their employees back to the office, several schools are trading in virtual classrooms for in-person learning, and buildings around the country are re-opening […]

Do you know the power of Express Shield?

Do you know the Power of Express Shield? One application every 60-90 days Guaranteed, lasting protection from Covid-19 including new variants 6 simple steps to a safer environment for your employees and guests Learn more about Sanitation and Disinfecting with Express Facility Management. Contact Us Back to the Blog Facebook Linkedin Youtube Instagram Pinterest

Back to School Safer with Express Shield

Back to School Safer with Express Shield

With the emphasis being placed on health and safety protocols as we return to school, Express Shield can provide up to 90 days of protection from Covid-19, influenza and more.