Four Most Common Winter Pests

Winter will be here before you know it, and while we can say goodbye to the common pests we encounter in the summer months, the cold weather brings a new set of concerns to prepare for. 

pest control problems
When temperatures drop, mice and rats seek out places to keep warm. Rats are known to check through wires, drywall, and furniture, which can cause costly repairs for you.
In the winter months, raccoons tend to look for places to convert into a den for weeks at a time. They may look cute, but they pose a danger to you and your property.
While termites can be a year-round concern and are often a more prominent problem in the warmer months, they reproduce indoors in the winter.
Spiders can sneak into your building through very small spaces and love to take up residence in dark corners. They tend to travel indoors more in the cold weather.

There are options to get ahead of any pest problems this winter. Instead of waiting for any infestations or unwelcome guests, an Integrated Pest Management program helps prevent pest problems no matter what time of year it is. 

We start by having our technicians perform a detailed inspection of your facility.

Then, our team of pest control experts will develop a service program tailored to your facility.

Finally, we will implement and monitor your property with a proactive inspection during each scheduled service visit.

Plus, we incorporate sanitation into all of our programs. 

Ready to get ahead of winter problems and get your business on an Integrated Pest Management program with Express Facility Management? 

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