tips for a bed bug-free holiday

Traveling for the holidays is always fun… ’till you become itchy. Here are a couple of precautions you can take to ensure a bug-free hotel stay.

When settling into your hotel
  1. Before setting down your luggage on the bed, couch, or floor do a quick bug check. Then, put it on a luggage stand, in the bathtub, or on a surface where bed bugs are not likely to be.
  2. Do a THOROUGH inspection of your area, bed, nightstand, furniture, and closets. Look for bed bugs alive or dead, skin sheds, or small brown stains on the bedding that indicate blood.
when returning home
  1. Before bringing your luggage inside, check it for any signs of bed bugs. Store your suitcases away from the bedroom in case they have hitched a ride home with you.
  2. To be even more cautious, launder all your clothes immediately on the high setting in the washer and dryer to kill any of the bed bugs that have gone unnoticed. If you have items that can’t, be washed or dried, then freeze them for several days – that will also kill them.