Preventative Maintenance

Having your building winter-ready means planning for it in the summer. 

preventative maintenance - winter-ready buildings start with planning in the summer

If your commercial building is not properly prepared for winter, costly repairs could be in your future. Summer is the ideal time to start inspecting your facility for any potential issues that may come with the colder weather. 

Below are 3 areas a preventative maintenance program can help with, to make sure your building is ready for anything Mother Nature throws at you. 

Reinsulate Water Lines
If insulation is not checked, or replaced when needed, water lines can freeze and rupture.
Inspect HVAC Equipment
Before running your heat for the first time, you should get a full inspection of your equipment including checking for leaks and examining the ventilation system.
Check your building's thermostat
Essential in reducing energy usage, thermostats should be checked at the start of every season.

There are some circumstances that go beyond routine planning and repairs such as fires and floods. 

Having a disaster recovery program in place is a great way to ensure your facility is prepared no matter what.

The Express Recovery™ program includes a thorough building assessment and walkthrough to help you identify risks, create a plan, educate employees, and document safety guidelines.

We ensure that your entire organization is prepared in the event of a disaster. Our team will develop a detailed and customized disaster response manual in case of emergency and unforeseen events.