Importance of High-Level Dusting for Commercial Properties

Importance of high-level dusting for commercial properties
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Dust accumulates rapidly, which makes it feel as though the chore of dusting is never done. If you have a commercial building, your staff is able to dust all of the surfaces they can reach just fine, but what about the high places? Raised ceilings, ceiling fans, rafters, and ducts are all prime spots for build-up.

The Hidden Dangers of Dust

Dusting may seem like just another annoying task, but did you know that it can actually be exposing the people that come into your space to harmful chemicals? According to the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, the numerous chemicals that have been found in dust have also been linked to significant illnesses and diseases. There was an analysis concluded from samples of indoor dust which found that there were concentrations of at least 45 different chemicals across the span of 14 states.

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According to research scientists, you should clean the inside of your buildings regularly. This can prevent how much dirt and grime accumulate and how many chemicals get into human bodies. These chemicals generally find their way into the body by swallowing, breathing, or even absorbing dust particles through the skin. 

Researchers at George Washington University in Washington, DC have found that the following are just some of the illnesses and diseases that come from dust

  • Asthma 
  • Respirators Infections 
  • Developmental Complications 
  • Reproductive Problems 
  • Cancer

The Importance of High-Level Dusting in Commercial Buildings

We know that building managers place a high priority on the cleanliness of their buildings. Neglecting these services from areas such as elevated ceilings, ceiling fans, and ducts, could also end up damaging your property but also become threatening to the functionality of machines and equipment that you may have as well as potentially be hazardous to employees and guests.

It’s easy to miss, as dust is not usually visible to the eye from far away. Not to mention most people don’t look up to examine the ceiling when they enter a commercial space. The bacteria and chemicals found in dust can’t be seen. It’s hard enough to see the dust itself. If you can see it, you have way too much in your facility!

When you decide to use a professional cleaning service that specializes in the importance of high-level dusting, you are also investing in your business by diligently taking care of your commercial space. Remember that you are not just getting rid of the dust, you are also getting rid of: 

  • Dirt 
  • Grease
  • Toxic Materials 
  • Chemicals

Benefits of High-Level Dusting

You’re improving the overall indoor air quality by removing airborne contaminants and allergens. When you are ready to benefit from high-level dusting and improve the quality of your commercial property, contact us to schedule your free estimate. Our commercial cleaning services will result in a fresh, clean, healthy environment for your staff and guests to enjoy. 

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