How Often Should You Change The Air Filter In Your Commercial HVAC System?

Importance of high-level dusting for commercial properties
HVAC Maintenance

A commercial HVAC system is a large and powerful climate management unit and the ductwork that carries conditioned air throughout the building. This means that the quality of the air processed through the central unit influences the quality of the air injected into every room and hallway. A commercial air filter is built for performance, but they don’t last forever.

The filter material designed to block dust and microbiology will eventually clog with denied particles. When that happens, the air system must strain to pull air through, and more of the air that gets through may contain contaminants. To maintain high air quality and energy efficiency, simply set a regular schedule to replace your commercial filter.

The frequency of how often filters need to be changed depends on various factors. The air in a clean office building generally contains a minimum amount of dust and allergens, so replacing the large HVAC filter should occur about every quarter or three months to maintain air quality.

For retail and service locations where external doors are frequently opened, or in dusty workplaces where there may have been recent construction, you’ll want to change the commercial air filter on a monthly basis.

During active construction or other situations that cause a great deal of indoor dust, changing your air filter responsively will become your best option until the air quality is clear and internal dust is brought back to a minimum.

Set your air filter replacement schedule
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is what our Experts at Express say.

1. What is the average lifespan of an HVAC filter?

The average lifespan is 30 days. However, it is very important to change out the filter more often if there is construction or active indoor dust. Dirty HVAC filters cause the unit to work harder and can lead to expensive repairs.

2. What are the benefits of using HVAC filters?

Air filters play a crucial role in keeping your buildings safe and clean.

  • Air filters trap dust, pollen, and other airborne particles that can cause respiratory problems.
  • They also help prevent fires by trapping lint and other flammable materials.

3. What will happen if you forget to replace the filters?

If you forget to replace the filters, the system will have to work harder to circulate the air. This will increase your energy bill and eventually start breaking down the HVAC system. In addition, not changing out the filter can lead to poor indoor air quality, as dust and other airborne particles will build up in the system.

Book Scheduled Air Filter Replacements with Express

Many commercial facilities don’t worry about timely air filter replacements because their HVAC service takes care of it. When the filter consumption rate is known, it becomes easy to schedule a quick inspection and filter replacement on the cycle that is best for your building.

Maintaining your HVAC efficiency relies on regular inspections, cleanings, and air filter replacements. Express Facility Management can do all that for you and more with professional HVAC services tailored to the needs of commercial facilities. 

Whether you need a new commercial air filter once a month or once a quarter, we can help you keep your air clean and your HVAC working in top condition. Contact us today to explore HVAC services and more for your commercial properties. 

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