4 Winter Pest Control Tips

Winter Pest Control Tips
Keep Winter Bugs Out!

You’d assume that temperatures plummeting and shorter daylight hours would mean relief from pests. Unfortunately, winter has its own set of pest problems. The colder weather means rats, cockroaches, ants, and spiders make their way into your commercial property in search of warmth, food, and shelter.  

Once inside, these pests leave you vulnerable to health and safety issues as well as extensive property damage. Fortunately, you can embark on implementing a proactive pest control program to mitigate the chances of an infestation surging out of control and over budget. 

Notwithstanding the type of commercial property you manage, these tips should successfully aid in the sustainable exclusion and prevention of pests during winter. 

Winter Pest Control Tips

Add Weather Stripping and Door Swaps around Cracks and Gaps 

An effective means of preventing pests from getting into your property is sealing the gaps between the doors and the doorframes, as well as those found between the door and the floor. Consider installing door swaps and weather stripping to prevent these from being possible entryways. These seal door gaps as they attach to the edge of the door, thus blocking passage for pests that crawl. 

Even doors that come fitted with weather stripping will often be subject to wear and tear over time. As such, maintain close inspection and replace when need be. 

Seal Cracks and Holes Leading to the Exterior of the Building 

When it comes to the roof, ensure that you replace any missing shingles and repair any roof damage. This should prevent pests from gaining access to the property.  

Additionally, have a professional inspect your foundation for any holes, gaps, and cracks bigger than a dime. These provide suitable avenues for entry and are ideal hiding spots. Both of these should prevent unwanted pests from getting in or out of your commercial property. 

Winter Pest Control Tips

Install Screens Over Building
Weep Holes 

Weep holes are openings on the exterior structure of your property through which either moisture is drained or air is circulated. Unfortunately, as they are unsecured, these represent entryways for pests which necessitates non-structural pest barriers. 

Consider installing weep and vent screens, as these will offer you protection for extended durations. If you are looking for a non-chemical, lasting solution to prevent the future entry of pests, having screens over your weep holes should come in handy. 

Create a Plan for Cleaning
High-Traffic Areas 

High-traffic areas, including bathrooms, lobby areas, and employee break rooms attract pests as they often have high levels of waste. Besides being food sources, these are moisture sites that attract roaches. 

Winter pest control means creating a comprehensive cleaning plan for these high-traffic areas. Consistent cleaning eliminates the food and moisture, turning these otherwise prime zones into unconducive environments. 

Consider prompt removal and cleaning of waste bins as these represent a predominant food source for most pests. Discourage occupants of the building from using open-top bins as these facilitate easy access for bests. Together, these make for a great deterrent for pest appearances.

Winter Pest Control Tips

Work with a Licensed Pest Control Company

Colder months don’t have to mean additional problematic infestations on top of the worry about property damage from wind, snow, and frost. With integrated pest management, you can stay proactive in pest-proofing your business for the winter. 

Unfortunately, despite your best attempts, winter pest problems can sometimes get out of hand. As such, consider bumping up your efforts with local professional assistance from Express Facility Management

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