Summer Parking Lot Maintenance

seal coating commercial summer parking lot maintenance
Parking lot maintenance can last for up to 25 years.

Summer parking lot maintenance can prove to be beneficial for your business. It creates a positive image of your establishment, improves curb appeal, and enhances the safety of everyone who visits your property.

Check out these 4 tips for maintaining a beautiful and safe parking lot.

seal coating commercial summer parking lot maintenance

Parking Lot Maintenance - Seal Coating

When was the last time your parking lot had the seal coating updated? If it was more than 2-3 years, it is time to get it recoated. Regular parking lot seal coating and fresh directional paint are aesthetically pleasing to customers and protect your pavement, particularly in the summertime from storms and intense heat from the sun. Having cracks filled with seal coating makes them less susceptible to freeze-thaw cycles, prevents water from getting in, and potholes from forming. It is a smart budget move as well as a great safety update.

maintaining proper drainage in commercial summer parking lot maintenance

Parking Lot Maintenance - Proper Drainage

Maintaining a proper drainage system prevents water from pooling up and remaining on the surface of your parking lot. With time, standing water can cause moisture to seep into the asphalt, which can result in cracks forming on the surface. In areas that get big storms during the summer months make sure your parking lot either has storm sewers installed or if your parking lot is flat add in grate inlets in multiple areas to help direct stormwater.

Parking Lot Maintenance - Potholes

Potholes are a nuisance to car owners, pedestrians, and property owners. They are known for causing severe damage to vehicles such as punctured tires, suspension problems, or issues with steering alignment. If potholes are left unrepaired, they have the potential to grow larger and end up costing even more money in vehicle and parking lot repairs.

landscaping in commercial summer parking lot maintenance

Parking Lot Maintenance - Landscaping

A final tip in maintaining your parking lot that should not be forgotten is the design and landscaping feature. Adding in trees, bushes and plants can help give a pop of color and life to an otherwise urban environment. Trees are great for parking areas, especially in the summertime, customers love parking under a shady tree to keep their car cool.

A well-maintained parking lot takes time, but it is certainly worth it. Express Facility Management can help you create a beautiful and safe parking lot.

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