winterizing Your commercial property

Preparing for winter? Don’t let your business’s hibernation last longer than it should. Follow these simple steps to ensure you’re not faced with any financial surprises when it finally warms up. 

#1 Maintain internal temperature
Don’t turn off the thermostat when leaving the premises. This could lead to frozen pipes. Instead, keep the internal temperature between 55-64 degrees.
#2 Weather Stripping & Caulking
Ensure windows and doors have weather stripping capabilities to keep winter out and prevent pipes from freezing.
#3 Gas Lines
Check gas lines for any leaks and ensure that they are in appropriate working conditions. By doing so, it helps prevent surprises from any temperature drops.
#4 water
Turn off main water valves to the property. Inspect pipes for any leaks or cracks and install insulation where it's needed.
#5 Filters & batteries
Replace batteries and/or filters for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.
#6 Snow & ice removal
If other buildings are in close proximity, take preventative measures to decrease likelihood of vehicle accidents. Lay salt on sidewalks and in parking lots before the snow falls and hire a snow removal company beforehand to get ahead of any snow or ice.
#7 periodic visits
Check on property for vandalism, break-ins, internal temperature drops, and look for accumulated debris.
#8 Make repairs
Delaying any necessary repairs can worsen damages and increase your costs later on.