History of Luminous Egress

Egress Stairwell
Why Luminous Egress Should Be In Your Facilities

Luminous Egress path markings are specialized photoluminescent products and signage such as step-edge markings, directional signage, or perimeter markings are used to mark pathways within a facility. Unlike traditional exit signage, Luminous Egress products don’t require batteries, electricity, circuits, wiring, or other power sources to provide life-saving illumination.

Luminous Egress path markings are now a requirement for local and state buildings, fire, and life safety codes in existing and new high-rise commercial buildings, mandated by the International Building Code.

History of Luminous Egress

History of Luminous Egress 911 Memorial

Started in the 1980s when the FAA demanded that commercial aircraft use electrically powered markings to mark pathways, and specifically exit ways. Since then, the NFPA and other regulatory bodies have adopted the requirement for Luminous Egress markings in response to facility accidents, including the tragic events that caused the collapse of the World Trade Center.

By 2006, these requirements had already been instituted in New York City for all new and existing high-rise buildings. In 2007, the pathway markings were adopted by the ICC as a requirement along exits, including stairwells for existing high-rise buildings of several occupancy groups (educational, business, institutional, assembly, hotels, and mercantile). The requirement was then adopted by the IFC, IBC, and NFPA in 2009 and amended in section 1024 to include existing high-rise buildings.

In 2009, there was also a change in the International Code Council (ICC) family of codes. The International Building Code (IBC ), International Fire Code (IFC), and the NFPA adopted a new code requirement impacting both O&M and construction budgets. The requirement was to install Luminous Egress path markings in high-rise commercial buildings over 75 feet tall.

Why Use Luminous Egress

Luminous Egress path markings offer the same functionality as traditional path markings but with safer, more reliable, and more cost-effective products. 

These path markings provide visual indication and delineation of the exit pathway. They are also installed to help identify features like step edges, doors, obstacles, handrails, and stair landings, as well as to provide essential information such as the location of exits, floor levels, and roof access.

Luminous Egress path markings use advanced photoluminescent properties. Once exposed to artificial or natural light, the photoluminescent properties generate a bright light that glows in the dark to improve visibility without casting shadows, unlike other overhead lighting. Additionally, Luminous Egress markings eliminate the need for a periodic generator or battery replacement.

Egress Stairwell

Express has developed a partnership with premium industry manufacturers to install Luminous Egress material for newly constructed high-rise buildings and existing buildings, plus we can take care of all the plans for city approval along with installation. Whether you are unveiling a new building or need to update your existing building to comply with the codes, let our team walk you through the process every step of the way. 

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