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Behind-The-Scenes Biohazard Cleanup

biohazard cleanup
Warning! This post contains blood.

We are giving you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our Express Team performing a biohazard cleanup service at a local establishment in Arizona. We were able to maximize our cleaning efforts while keeping costs down due to our thorough cleaning procedure (all while maintaining complete client confidentiality).

Below is a glimpse into the cleaning procedure that was utilized:

1. After teams arrival, they changed into proper PPE
2. The team designated a “clean area” and placed all containers and consumables in that space
3. The team started the cleaning process by first addressing contaminated materials and applying antibacterial solution
4. We allowed the antibacterial solution significant contact time before disposing of it
5. Next, we moved all contaminated materials and placed them into proper containers
6. General debris were removed and placed into standard 3 mm. trash bags
7. Personal items were retuned to hotel management
8. Linen that didn’t have signs of contaminant was also turned over to management

biohazard cleanup

Bloody Contents Below!

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