5 Ways Dirty Air Filters
Impact Your HVAC System

Dirty and clogged air filters may not only wreak havoc on your commercial property HVAC system, but can also lead to unexpected bills and irreparable damages.  Below are some of the ways a dirty or clogged air filter can impact your heating and cooling system:

Dirty air filters are the #1 reason for HVAC system failures. Having a dirty air filter limits the airflow that goes into your HVAC system. That additional pressure can potentially burn out the motor over time, causing your system to overheat and crash.
Dirty and clogged air filters lead to poor air quality, which can worsen serious health problems like asthma, cold and flu, and other respiratory conditions.
Dust and other particles clogging up your air filter can result in reduced airflow and an increase in your energy usage which will end up costing you more money.
Dirty air filters can spread unwanted particles into air ducts, and heating and air-conditioning systems. This can also add to a costly expense for getting the HVAC system cleaned or even result in needing to get the whole unit replaced.
Dirty air filters create an extra layer for any mold or bacteria to grow on. If the filters aren’t changed for a long period, the mold or bacteria can begin releasing allergens throughout the building.

Making sure to change out your property’s air filters regularly is a small price to pay to extend the life of your HVAC system. Contact Express Facility Management today to help take care of current or future HVAC maintenance needs. We offer unique programs designed to help extend the life span of your equipment and keep your A/C system running at its best.