3 Tips for more productivity
in your work life

Do you struggle to get started on projects or stay focused while working on them? We all go through waves where we aren’t as focused as we would like to be, so if that sounds familiar, these tips are for you! Below are three strategies for increasing productivity in your work life.

1. Start your day off right

How you start your morning will set the tone for the whole day. Starting the day off with things that you enjoy helps to put you in an upbeat mood and get you ready to tackle anything. Preparing the night before is also helpful so that you have a clear plan for the morning and can just wake up and get your day started.  Whether you start your morning drinking a cup of coffee on your patio, listening to music to help you wake up, or watching the news, the options are endless.

2. Give Yourself Deadlines

Whether you work better under pressure, or prefer planning ahead of time, having deadlines for projects you are working on will help make sure they are done in a timely fashion. Setting small goals for big projects helps with achieving your deadlines, especially since sometimes looking at big projects can be overwhelming. This will keep you on track in your day-to-day, make the bigger projects feel less daunting, and seem easier to accomplish.

3. Be Sure to take breaks

We might think working longer hours means more time to get all our tasks done, but you won’t work as well when you’re burned out. Detach for five minutes and walk around the office or spend 15 minutes grabbing a mid-afternoon coffee! Make sure once you get to the end of your workweek and onto the weekend that you spend your weekend not working. That way you can have a steady work/life balance, and can the new work week with a clear head.