What is green cleaning?

Green cleaning is becoming more popular among facilities around the United States. This non-toxic, eco-friendly approach is good for the environment and safer for those who use them. Traditional cleaning products tend to be caustic, they wear out surfaces over time and diminish the longevity of your facility and its furnishings. The harshness of traditional cleaners can create respiratory problems or skin agitation from sensitivity to the chemicals.

Green Products:

  • Contain no artificial fragrances
  • Contain no chlorine
  • Contain no harmful chemicals or additives
  • Have recyclable packaging
How does green cleaning compare to traditional cleaning?

Green cleaning products are just as effective as traditional cleaning supplies, but they don’t contain all the harsh, toxic chemicals. You can spot green cleaning products easier because they usually have a smaller ingredient list that is free of lab-created substances. The initial price of green products can be slightly higher, but you may end up saving money in the long run. Green products contain higher concentration levels so you can dilute them more while maintaining the product’s effectiveness. Some of the toxic chemicals in traditional cleaning products are so harmful that they can cause rashes, chemical burns, and skin irritation.

Green Cleaning key phrases defined for you:
Green Labels
are safe for the health of you and the environment.
products reduce the impact on the environment.
uses products or substances that don’t result in health effects.
products aren’t
tested on animals.

By utilizing green cleaning in your commercial cleaning services, you are helping to aid a healthy work environment. You are also contributing to the productivity of your staff by reducing their risk of getting sick from the harmful chemicals. Our team can help find the right green cleaning solutions for your facility.