What is a Floor Care Equipment Preventative Maintenance Program?

And why Should you Have one?

Do you wait until your car is out of oil to schedule an oil change? Do you wait until you are missing a tooth to start brushing those pearly whites? Would you wait until the plants in your garden wither before you water them? There are so many regular habits that we all have that fall into the category of preventative maintenance without even thinking about it. So when it comes to the bottom line of your business, wouldn’t it make sense to be proactive about the maintenance of costly equipment?  

If you have floor care equipment, you are already aware of what a large investment it is for your company. Let’s face it – those machines are not cheap. But what happens when your manufacturer warranty runs out and something goes wrong? Do you really want to invest in a new machine and let that one go to waste, not to mention be out of operation while you wait on the arrival of the replacement? 

We have a better solution. One that can save you not just money, but time, too, by getting ahead of any maintenance issues that may come up. Instead of being reactive to your valuable machines breaking, let us help you be proactive, with a customized Preventative Maintenance Program

We offer a unique, all-inclusive Preventative Maintenance Program that can help increase the lifespan of your assets. Our program includes a comprehensive inspection of the following main components:

  • Electrical components
    • Battery Condition
    • Control Board
    • Inline Fuse
    • Control Switches
  • Mechanical System
    • Drive Axel
    • Caster Condition
    • Vacuum Motor
    • Control Cables
  • Wearables
    • Squeegee
    • Pads 
    • Brushes
    • Front/Back Skirts
    • Side Skirts

What we offer:

  • Autonomous Equipment Repair
  • On-Site Repairs (we come to YOU)
  • Factory-Certified & Trained Technicians
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Nationwide Coverage


Plus, we service all brands!


Are you ready to start getting ahead of your floor care equipment breakdowns? Give us a call (866-726-9527), or contact us here

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