They are coming, is your building ready? Return to work safer with Express

We have been waiting for this time since the start of the pandemic, but it seems to finally be here – the return to in-person working.

Many businesses are ready to send their employees back to the office, several schools are trading in virtual classrooms for in-person learning, and buildings around the country are re-opening their doors to welcome guests. 

As the anticipation of seeing our coworkers and friends face-to-face rises, most of us are thinking about whether or not our suits still fit, or trying to schedule that last-minute hair appointment, but if you are a business owner or facility manager, you may be frantically making sure the building is ready to welcome the team. 

Let Express Facility Management help! From Commercial Cleaning, Landscaping, Pest Control, to even making sure your HVAC units are ready to keep things cool (or warm depending on the weather forecast), we have you covered. Plus, we can come in and treat your facility with Express Shield, a surface protectant that kills viruses and germs on contact, and lasts for up to 90 days!

So if the thought of returning to work feels a little overwhelming, give us a call. We can take away the stress of figuring out all your building logistics, and provide you with a single solution for all your facility management needs.