Secrets To Power Washing

Secrets to power washing indoors vs outdoors
Indoors vs Outdoors

There is something satisfying about giving your building a deep clean. It communicates an orderly and welcoming business with high-quality goods and services. It also provides employees with a safe and pristine work environment. Power washing the interior and exterior of your building is designed to help your business put it’s best foot forward, drive customers through your doorway and make your building shine.

Always Prep The Area

Before diving into your project, make sure to prep the area you wish to clean. Start by surveying the area and noting any instances of damaged concrete or loose vinyl siding (if applicable). Also, take a minute to move any tools, containers, or other critical infrastructure before you begin power washing your building.   

Pay Attention To The Weather And Climate

One of the most important secrets to power washing isn’t how you wash, but when you wash. Before beginning a cleanup project, pay attention to the weather. Never power wash during the following extremes: 

  • Wet weather 
  • Cold weather 
  • Extremely hot weather 
  • During an active storm 

If it is already wet outside or too cold, your wash job won’t dry in a timely manner. Worse yet, if it’s cold enough, water can get into small cracks, freeze, and cause additional damage to your property.

Pay Attention To The Weather And Climate
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Why Power Wash Your Commercial Property's Interior?

Most people associate power washing with a building’s exterior. Certain properties, such as large-scale warehouses, benefit from interior washing as well. Interior washing can be trickier; however, you must take great care not to ruin your business’s infrastructure in the process. As with exterior washing, make sure to move critical items before you begin. Cover immovable items with plastic tarps to help protect them against water damage. 

For many industrially based businesses, power washing helps to remove hazardous mold and grime that results from chemical buildup over time. Therefore, cleaning inside helps: 

  • Reduce health risks from grime buildup 
  • Prevent slips, trips, and falls by your workforce or customers

Things To Avoid When Power Washing

Whether you are washing the interior or exterior of your commercial building, there are certain things that you should avoid spraying. Some things, such as electrical outlets and infrastructure, go without saying, but other items are less obvious. Below is a list of elements you should avoid washing at all costs: 

  • Electrical equipment and meters
  • Wooden structural elements and siding 
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Air conditioners and generators
  • Crumbling mortar around the foundation
  • Any element containing lead paint
  • Non-reinforced windows

In the end, power washing the interior and exterior of your property is a great way to ensure customer and employee satisfaction while making your building sparkle. Power washing can be a big undertaking depending on the size of your facility or the extent of the grime. If you need help power washing your property, Express Facility Management can help. 

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