Seasonal Grounds Maintenance for Your Commercial Property

seasonal grounds maintenance
Maintaining a beautiful property year-round isn’t easy

Seasonal grounds maintenance takes dedication, some knowledge, and a little planning. Not only does it help preserve the current conditions of your landscaping, but it also helps to enhance the look and curb appeal of your property. At Express, we offer seasonal grounds maintenance services no matter what time of the year or unpredictable weather might come your way.

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Seasonal Grounds Maintenance


Some of the services that can happen during the spring season include: 
  • Removal of any leaves leftover from fall 
  • Cut back any winter growth on plants, shrubs, and bushes 
  • Rake and loosen compacted soil and mulch to allow new shoots & bulbs to push through 
  • Supply and spread 3” (minimum) of fresh dark mulch 
  • Clean up beds, walkways, sidewalks, and foundations of weeds, overgrown vegetation, leaves, branches, and clutter 
  • Re-seed damaged areas of the yard 
  • Re-edging of areas 
  • Apply crabgrass, dandelion, and other major weed inhibitors throughout the lawn  

Seasonal Grounds Maintenance


Some of the services that can happen during the summer season include: 

  • Spray turf weeds 
  • Monitor and audit irrigation systems 
  • Continue mowing fine turf areas 
  • Trim scrubs 
  • Keep a regular lawn cutting schedule
  • Perform pest and weed control as needed                     
  • Professionally sweep parking lots or driveways and sidewalks
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seasonal grounds maintenance

Seasonal Grounds Maintenance


Some of the services that can happen during the autumn season include: 

  • Start overseeding 
  • Spray turf weeds 
  • Pinch back flowers 
  • Apply lime to turf as needed 
  • Perform core aeration 
  • Continue over-seeding 
  • Winterize backflow & blow out all zones of irrigation system
  • Begin any replacements under warranty 
  • Trim shrubs

Seasonal Grounds Maintenance


Some of the services that can happen during the winter season include: 
  • Driveway and parking lot snowplowing
  • Driveway and parking lot sanding and salting
  • Complete snow removal services
  • Sidewalk/walkway snowplowing
  • Sidewalk/walkway sanding and/or salting
  • Winter fertilizing
  • Install winter flowers 
  • Winterizing sprinkler systems
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