We Are Woman~Owned Minority~Owned Nationwide Solution~Driven Fully Integrated Facility Management Express

Express Quality Assurance

We layer 4 methods of monitoring into our quality assurance program to create the perfect mix of customer satisfaction, visibility and interaction.

1 - Establish Expectations

sample kpi score card to measure service performance for Express Facility Management

We hold ourselves accountable to four categories of key performance indicators to ensure our customers receive an exceptional quality of service:

  • Quality
  • Adherence to Scope of Work
  • Customer Feedback
  • Service Validation

We utilize a scorecard to measure our performance and work to improve where necessary. We are committed to quality.

2 - Monitor & Report

express facility management uses an intuitive digital end-to-end platform to ensure quality control

We engage an intuitive digital end-to-end platform as part of our quality control program to boost our infrastructures, allowing both Express and our customers to manage services and experiences in real-time.

3 - Requests

we provide QR codes that allow customers to be directed immediately to our ticketing system for service requests

We provide QR codes that allow customers to be directed immediately to our ticketing system where they can request additional services, address any issues or even request emergency facility maintenance or restoration response.

4 - Audits & Inspections

Audits & Inspections with IVR technology for quality control

We utilize IVR technology to verify services and ensure reliability and work order completion. 

5-Step Hiring Process:

Establish Expectations

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Step 01

Search for Applicants

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Step 02

Assess & Interview

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Step 03

Offer & On-Board

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Step 04

Retention & Incentives

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Step 05

Free Facility Solutions Estimate

Our Express Experience Offers:

  • Simplified Facility Services – One Integrated Management Program
  • Consistency in the Execution of Your Facility Services
  • Proactive Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Multiple Communication Channels
  • Dedicated Customer Portal
  • Consolidated Billing


The Express Advantage – A Solution-Driven Approach

1) Assessment and Discovery
  • Learn about your unique needs
  • Uncover solutions to enhance services
  • Provide all-inclusive programs
2) Customizable Programs
  • Solutions tailored to your facility and requirements
  • Technology-driven to increase efficiencies
  • Focused on quality and reliable service
3) Seamless Implementation
  •  Step-by-step implementation plan shared with the client
  • Customer onboarding plan
  • Project manager dedicated to smooth service start-up