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Express understands how critical it is for businesses to resume regular operations after a disaster. Our team will help you customize an emergency preparedness and response plan. 

The Express Recovery­™ program includes building assessments and walkthroughs to help you identify risks, create a plan, educate employees, and document safety guidelines.  

We ensure that your entire organization is prepared in the event of a disaster. Our team will develop a detailed and customized disaster response guide in case of emergencies and unforeseen events. 

Benefits of Express Recovery

restoration, disaster response, restoration near me, fire damage repair near me, mold repair near me, water damage repair near me

Express Recovery Services

Our Professional Services Include 24/7/365 Responsiveness For: 


Why is a disaster plan important?

Our team will develop a Facility Disaster Response Manual tailored to your property. Our goal is to clearly outline important areas of your facility such as emergency shut-off valves, fire suppressant systems, evacuation routes, and other critical emergency response information. Having a well-prepared response plan can help your employees know the right way to respond.

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About Express

Express Facility Management started in San Antonio, Texas in 2008 as a women-owned, minority-operated landscaping business. Over time, our superior service and reliability prompted many of our clients to ask whether we could handle more locations and more services. The company quickly grew into a fully integrated facility management company providing pest control, janitorial services, and grounds management to prestigious brands and community institutions throughout the area. Partnering with thoroughly vetted service providers in various locations, our reach now expands nationwide.

Express Assurance 

At Express, we prioritize the execution of quality services for all of our customers. 

We layer 4 methods of monitoring into our quality assurance program to create the perfect mix of customer satisfaction, visibility and interaction. 

  • Establishing Expectations
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Request Process
  • Audits & Inspections
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