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Express Facility Management proudly partners with high-quality service providers in areas throughout the nation.  Becoming an approved Partner with Express Facility Management means you are committed to customer satisfaction and performance excellence.  Express Facility Management is meticulous about the results that we expect for our clients, and our approval process is detailed and rigorous, so deciding to partner with us means you are ready to grow and take your company to the next level.

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Facility Trades We Are Looking For

Commercial Cleaning
Pest Control
Grounds Maintenance
Handyman Services
Snow Removal
Power Washing
Equipment Service & Repair 

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Steps To Becoming A Partner

Our team will review your documents & capabilities and determine if you meet our minimum pre-approval requirements
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Step 2
Once approved, our team will reach out with opportunities that match your profile
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Step 3
Once selected for an opportunity, a link to register with NetVendor will be sent. NetVendor enrollment is required for contract award.
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Our Process Sets Us Apart

 – And Sets You Up For Success –

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Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Measures Are Designed Around Helping Our Valued Partners Deliver Customer Satisfaction  

Establish Expectations

We hold our partners accountable to four categories of key performance indicators to ensure our customers receive an exceptional quality of service.

Monitor & Report

We engage an intuitive digital end-to-end platform as part of our quality control program to boost our infrastructures, allowing both Express and our customers to manage services and experiences in real-time.


We provide QR codes that allow customers to be directed immediately to our ticketing system where they can request additional services, address any issues or even request emergency facility maintenance or restoration response.

Audits & Inspections

We utilize IVR technology to verify services and ensure reliability and work order completion.

Solution-Driven Approach

Every building is different, and every business has different priorities. We don’t  just provide cleaning, pest control, landscaping, or any other service. We want to develop customized programs that provide solutions to address each customer’s unique facility needs.

Assessment & Discovery

Learn about the unique needs
Uncover solutions to enhance service
Integrate all inclusive programs

Customizable Programs

Tailored solutions to facility requirements
Technology-driven to increase efficiencies
Quality focused to ensure reliable service

Seamless Implementation

Pre-Launch: Implementation Plan & Training
Launch: Customer Onboarding Plan
Post-Launch: Dedicated Express Point Of Contact

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Explore All Of Our Facility Solutions

All of our integrated facility management programs are designed to increase operational efficiencies, backed by our quality control guarantee. 

Partner Interest Form

Welcome and thank you for taking the first step in becoming an Express Facility Management Partner. Please complete the initial Partner Profile Interest form so our team can review your capabilities and determine where an Express Facility Management need may match.

Shop Express

Shop Express offers exclusive pricing and products for express partners

Most companies are restricted to only sourcing through specific manufacturers or distribution partners, but at Express, we are able to provide all brand options that meet your needs. We search for items that meet our customer needs and desires for the best possible price and availability regardless of brand. If you don’t see the products you need, or if you find items at a better price, let us know!

Customized Facility Solutions

Combine all your facility services under one single source of management. 

Our programs prioritize exceptional service and the continual development of innovative solutions that put your needs first. 

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We understand that managing a facility can be stressful and time-consuming. That’s why we offer comprehensive facility management solutions tailored to your specific needs. From cleaning and maintenance to security and landscaping, we’ve got you covered.

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