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Oliver Perry

Sr. Business development manager

World Class Leader in Facility Management

I am proud to offer a completely integrated facility management experience to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and maximize customer satisfaction. Whether you need one of our programs or all of them, I can help you customize services to meet your specific facility needs, backed by the guarantee of our superior customer service.

Industries we service

Educational Institutes


Government Buildings


Office Buildings

Distribution Centers

Apartment Complexes

Healthcare Organizations


Innovative Technology

CleanTelligent allows to proactively monitor the quality of service and automate work orders. Real-Time data will alert our teams of overall traffic, product levels, usage and service concerns.



Superior Customer Service

We make it easy for you to enjoy a pristine, perfectly-performing facility without taking time away from your other important duties. Everything is taken care of with one point of contact, rather than a stack of different service providers.


Customizable Programs

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Do you prefer a night janitorial crew instead of an early-morning one? That’s fine. Need more frequent care for high-traffic days? Just let us know when.

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Our integrated model is designed to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and maximize customer satisfaction.