Make back to school a breeze

While we can’t help make grading papers any easier, we can help you improve the indoor air quality at your school buildings!

HVAC Breeze improve air quality at school

With the emphasis on health and safety concerns related to the Covid-19 pandemic, educational facilities are focused now more than ever on improving the indoor air qualify of their buildings. 

We have highlighted the major strategies many schools have implemented to keep their students, faculty and visitors safer this school year.  


  1. Increase the flow of outdoor air throughout the building by utilizing the HVAC system.
  2. Open windows and doors when possible to allow more outdoor airflow
  3. Utilize fans in windows to help circulate the air more effectively.
  4. Install upgraded air filters that are more effective at removing airborne pathogens.
  5. Add air cleaners that use HEPA filters to help eliminate particles from being spread in indoor spaces.
  6. As part of an HVAC preventative maintenance program, add a flushing service when the building is empty to help remove potentially contaminated air and fill the building with clean air before students and teachers return. 

The best way to ensure the air in your school building (or any building) is flowing smoothly, and as clean as possible, is to get ahead of any potential issues with a preventative maintenance program (PM). We offer unique programs designed to help extend the life span of your equipment and have your A/C system running at its best. We utilize proactive maintenance measures to keep your HVAC operating at peak capacity. 

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