How To Clean Windows Without Streaks

clean window with a window mop
Clean windows are important to making a great first impression on visitors

For some, it may seem daunting to clean their own windows. Below are some tips to help you wash your windows effectively and streak-free.

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What you will need: 

How To Clean Windows

  1. In a bucket, dilute window cleaning solution 2 to 1.
  2. Apply a liberal amount of diluted window cleaning solution to the window.
  3. If you notice any debris on the glass at this point, such as paint, overspray, or anything else that cannot easily be removed with your window cleaning solution, you should use your scraper to remove it.
  4. Dry the glass using your squeegee. Begin with the upper left corner of the glass, then pull the squeegee straight across from left to right. After each horizontal stroke, clean and dry the blade of the squeegee with a rag.
  5. Finish by wiping down the windows and any spots you may have missed with a dry microfiber cloth.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Washing Windows

Avoid direct sunlight

Often, streaky glass occurs when windows are washed in direct sunlight. For streak-free windows, wash them at a time when they won’t be in direct sunlight or use a lot of cleaning solution on the glass.

Touch Ups

Smudges and streaks can appear on windows if the cloth you are using is overly wet. If you need to touch up your windows or mirrors, always use a dry microfiber cloth.

Squeegee Blades

With time, squeegee blades can become dull or start to wear out. Using a dull squeegee blade can leave behind streaks on the glass. Regularly check and change the blade if necessary.

Don’t trust just anyone to clean your windows. Hiring an experienced commercial window cleaning company is essential if you want to make a good first impression on those coming to your building. Express Facility Management can help to make sure that you do, book a free estimate today or contact us at 866.726.9527.

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