Commercial Snow Removal

As the winter temperatures drop around the country, we get shorter days and the relentless snowfall starts to require some heavy lifting. There are several different services that can be performed to ensure that your snow removal goes smoothly and your property stays maintained. Below are descriptions of common services to help you understand the lingo as you search for your snow removal company (p.s. – we do all of them at Express Facility Management!).

Snow Plowing
This is a standard snow removal process that clears parking lots, loading areas, and driveways where snow tends to pile up.
Bobcat clearing & snow throwing
This service utilizes compact Bobcats that have better accessibility to tight spots that plows can’t reach, and they can stack piled snow during extreme weather conditions to help maximize space.
shoveling & snow blowing
This is a manual service that cleans up snow around areas that heavy equipment can’t reach, like entryways.
rock salt application
Rock salt is used if snow temperatures are frequently above 5° F. This is also a cost-effective way of melting snow and ice from any surface.
ice melter application
This is another product that you could use in place of rock salt. This method melts snow and ice faster, at lower temperatures and is often used on entryways and sidewalks where there is a higher chance of a customer slipping and falling.
magnesium chloride application
This helps to reduce ice build-up for multiple winter storms. It is hygroscopic (ability to absorb moisture), allowing it to dissolve quickly and start the melting process.