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What is Absolute Pest

Absolute Pest is Express Facility Management’s fully integrated customizable program that focuses on exclusion, prevention, and sustainability. 

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How we Can Help YOUR Business

commercial pest control

Attention business owners and managers! Have you ever considered the silent threats that could undermine your company’s success? We’re talking about pests – those tiny invaders that can wreak havoc on your premises, reputation, and bottom line. Don’t let these unwanted guests compromise the integrity of your business any longer. It’s time to invest in comprehensive commercial pest control services!


How Express Facility Management Can Help YOUR Business


  1. Protect Your Reputation: Pests in your business can spread like wildfire through online reviews and word-of-mouth. One sighting of a cockroach or rodent can lead to disastrous customer reviews, tarnishing your hard-earned reputation. Safeguard your image and maintain customer trust with a pest-free environment.
  2. Ensure Health and Safety: Pests aren’t just unsightly; they carry diseases that can harm employees and customers. From food contamination to allergies, the health risks posed by pests are serious. By opting for professional pest control, you’re taking proactive measures to protect everyone within your business premises.
  3. Preserve Structural Integrity: Termites, rodents, and other pests can cause extensive damage to your property’s infrastructure. Chewed wires, gnawed wood, and weakened foundations could lead to costly repairs and property closures. Commercial pest control helps prevent these issues and saves you from large financial setbacks.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: Depending on your industry, local health and safety regulations may mandate pest control measures. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines and legal consequences. Stay on the right side of the law by partnering with experts who understand the ins and outs of pest control regulations.
  5. Long-Term Cost Savings: While an initial investment in pest control services might seem like an expense, it’s actually a strategic cost-saving measure. The money spent on prevention is significantly less than what you’d spend on remediation and repairs caused by unchecked pest infestations.
  6. Customized Solutions: Express Facility Management tailors our strategies to your business’s unique needs. We assess your specific vulnerabilities and design comprehensive plans to address them effectively. This personalized approach ensures maximum protection against pests.
  7. Focus on Core Business Activities: Managing pest problems alone can be time-consuming and distracting. Instead of diverting your attention from revenue-generating tasks, entrust the job to our specialists who are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience to handle pest control efficiently.
  8. Eco-Friendly Practices: Express Facility Management prioritizes using environmentally friendly solutions that minimize harm to non-target species and ecosystems. These methods not only protect your business but also reflect positively on your commitment to sustainability.

In conclusion, the importance of commercial pest control cannot be overstated. It’s an investment in the longevity, reputation, and success of your business. Don’t let pests compromise your operations any longer – take control of your space and create an environment where your business can thrive. Contact our expert commercial pest control team today and experience the peace of mind that comes with a pest-free workplace. Your business deserves nothing less!



commercial pest control

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