Back To School Sanitation

back to school sanitation
How To Be Prepared

Sanitizing Schools

Classrooms have always been breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, especially commonly touched surfaces like desks, books, classroom doors, school supplies, and more. With classrooms empty and summer coming to an end, back-to-school sanitation is the perfect time to take the steps to ensure classrooms are germ-free and properly sanitized. 

In the past, we relied on standard cleaning procedures to get classrooms back-to-school ready, often focusing on products such as Lysol and Clorox Wipes to clean surfaces. These days, with the added concern over Covid, it is important to take our sanitation to the next level. Electrostatic sprayers are a great way to enhance cleaning procedures, and at Express Facility Management, we take it even further with our revolutionary surface protectant, Express Shield™. 

Express Shield™ uses Electrostatic Technology to Efficiently Sanitize & Disinfect. For an added level of protection, we use our revolutionary surface protectant to give you up to 90 days of protection. That means you can think less about the safety of staff and students, and focus more on making the school year great. 

school sanitation

School Sanitation Benefits of Express Shield:

  • Protects 99.9% of surfaces

  • Superior Coverage

  • Protects hard & soft surfaces

  • Sanitizes & Disinfects

  • Highly effective against viruses and bacteria

School Sanitation Step-by-step process


Audit facility and identify touchpoints.

Step 2

Test surfaces using a luminometer to determine existing contamination levels.

Step 3

Designated surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to prep for Express Shield application.

step 4

Express Shield is applied by certified technicians to protect against harmful bacteria, mold, viruses and other pathogens.

step 5

Certified technicians will retest the surfaces in 60 days to ensure effectiveness of the anti-microbial barrier.

Step 6

Cleaning and application is to be repeated every 60 days to maintain continuous barrier. In the case of extremely high touchpoints (such as doorknobs), interim applications may be needed.

Why Your School Needs Express Shield

  • Surface Protectant – Express Shield leaves behind a layer of protection on any surface it is applied to.
  • Healthier – Express Shield creates a healthier environment for your students and faculty.
  • Instant – Express Shield beings killing microbes the moment it is applied.
  • Effective – Express Shield protects 99.9% of surfaces with just one application.
  • Lasting – Express Shield gives long-lasting protection for up to 90 days.
  • Disinfectant – Express Shield continuously disinfects against the spread of germs.
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