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4 Things You Must Do FOr your Hard floors

When entering any commercial building the cleanliness and overall appearance of the flooring is one of the first things you might notice. Dirty and scratched-up floors are not very inviting to see for a first-time visitor. Routine maintenance on hard flooring will help prevent safety hazards that have the potential to hurt a customer or employee. If you have hard flooring, here are 4 things you can do to help extend the lifespan and leave them looking shiny.

1. Matting

One of the biggest contributors to commercial floors deteriorating quickly is high amounts of traffic. Often, these are the areas close to doors, registers, and breakrooms and they will show more signs of markings, dirt, and wear on the flooring. No matter how often you clean them, they still tend to show the wear and tear. Fortunately, an easy solution to help protect the flooring in those high traffic areas is to implement commercial matting. Matting near those high traffic areas, especially near entrances and exits, will help limit the amount of debris entering your building. Overall, helping to limit the dirt being tracked in!

2. Routine Vacuuming / Disinfecting

When cleaning commercial building hard floors, vacuuming and wet cleaning are necessary to get rid of any dust or debris that builds up. Depending on the amount of traffic your building gets, you should clean the floors daily. Floors that aren’t well maintained can potentially aggravate allergies and even cause infections for employees and guests due to dirt and dust that carries harmful bacteria. A good floor care program will also incorporate the use of a disinfectant, and one with fragrance to not only help sanitize the floors but also leave the place smelling fresh and clean.

3. Strip and Wax

There are tons of benefits to stripping and waxing your property’s floors. Stripping and waxing will remove dirt and debris, scuffs, grease, and stains, that could potentially cause a customer or employee to slip and fall. Preforming a strip and wax service on your floors will help reduce the number of scratches, while also helping to prevent new ones from appearing. Combine strip and wax services together with burnishing on your floors and will get them shiny enough to see your reflection!

4. Burnishing

Burnishing your concrete, tile, or marble floors results in an amazing mirror-like finish. Having your floors polished will help reduce the chances of water or other contaminants penetrating the surface. Burnishing your hard floors will also help to improve interior lighting quality. A more reflective surface allows for more light to radiate, making your property feel cleaner and brighter.