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3 Bugs To Be Concerned About In Summer

3 bugs to be concerned about this summer
Straight Talk! With Jeff Cross

3 bugs to be concerned about over the summer

3 bugs to be concerned about over the summer

Our Director of Operations, Matt Vance recently made a guest appearance on an episode of Straight Talk!, where he described what he feels are the three bugs to be concerned with during the summer months and why some of them may have a psychological impact. He also detailed cleaning and sanitation concerns that are often partnered with an insect infestation.

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Our Process

Examine – Our technicians will perform a detailed inspection of your facility. 

Customize – Our technicians will develop a program tailored to your facility. 

Implement – Proactive inspection progress during each scheduled service visit. 

Monitor – Proactive inspection progress during each scheduled service visit. 

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The Express Difference

  • With Express, we don’t charge any upfront fees. 
  • If you own the equipment, we will service what you have. If your current pest control company owns the equipment, we will replace it no charge. 
  • We guarantee a quick, seamless startup between 24-120 hours depending on the property size. 
  • We can help you transition from your current contract. 

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3 bugs to be concerned about over the summer

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About Express

Express Facility Management started in San Antonio, Texas in 2008 as a women-owned, minority-operated landscaping business. Over time, our superior service and reliability prompted many of our clients to ask whether we could handle more locations and more services. The company quickly grew into a fully integrated facility management company providing pest control, janitorial services, and grounds management to prestigious brands and community institutions throughout the area. Partnering with thoroughly vetted service providers in various locations, our reach now expands nationwide.

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